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    Create booking link

    Share your booking link and customers can see a list of your services, cost and duration.

    Add team member

    Easily expand your capabilities by adding team members to your account. Collaborate seamlessly and keep your scheduling operations running smoothly.

    Get paid

    Effortlessly handle payments for your services right through our platform. Get paid securely and on time, ensuring your business thrives.

    Customer remainders

    Reduce no-shows and enhance customer satisfaction with automated reminders. Your clients will never miss an appointment again, and you'll have a fuller schedule.

    Priority Booking

    Offer VIP treatment to your most valued customers with priority booking. Enhance customer loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

    Manage bookings

    Take control of your bookings with our intuitive management tools. View, reschedule, or cancel appointments with ease, all in one place.

    Benefits of Ruz


    For Business

    Efficiency: Simplify scheduling, reduce no-shows, and free up staff time for more important tasks.

    Increased Revenue: Attract more customers by offering hassle-free booking options.

    Customer Satisfaction: Provide a convenient and modern booking experience that keeps customers coming back.

    For Customers

    Convenience: Book services and activities whenever and wherever it suits you.

    Transparency: See real-time availability and choose the most convenient time slot.

    Peace of Mind: Receive reminders to help you stay organized and never miss an appointment again.



    Free for all, no monthly fee

    Unlimited usage with no subscription fees! The only free platform for business owners

    Unlimited appointment bookings.

    Super easy to use across mobiles, tablets and desktops

    Unlimited clients and email notifications

    Track client history, keep notes and stay in contact with integrated email

    Unlimited team members.

    Invite your team to join your account and stay up-to-date with appointment notifications

    Unlimited reporting and much more.

    Everything you need to manage your business in one easy-to-use solution

    Unlimited booking links.

    Share your booking link and customers can see a list of your services, cost and duration.

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    Free Booking Software for Businesses

    Ruz is free to use, only charging processing fees, Ruz (1.1%) and Stripe (2.9% + $0.30) for each transaction

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    Ruz is dedicated to eliminating unnecessary delays in everyday life, and helping you scale.



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